Most people are aware of the fact that we at The millionth Word always provide our services to online casino operators and gambling businesses. Online casino platforms are not able to thrive without a fun, dynamic and attractive online presence. We are the company behind these platforms who work really hard to ensure their online success. The key is to use the existing online presence in order to transform it into something spectacular and unique. We are always looking for exciting new opportunities and somehow a new type of project found its way to our company. Zulutrade, an online trading platform, reached out to us with a request regarding their online presence and reputation. They wanted us to improve their online visibility by implementing our search engine optimization and optimize their current website design.

Our design team worked with Zulutrade to talk about their vision, thrive and their most important needs as a company. Our hard-working team was able to understand the brand identity and developed a clear marketing plan. Next, the team of experts got to work and reviewed all the additional information and data about the company. Thankfully, we were able to craft a set of solutions for our client to meet their needs and that would suit their vision and identity. The Millionth Word is known for the search engine optimization strategy and wanted to use this as a strong asset to the website of Zulutrade. We changed the design, extra features and even developed an easy-to-navigate platform. Besides improving their online platform, our team of content writers optimized the content and tweaked many published descriptions. The goal of Zulutrade was to grow and expand their business. With the help of upgrading their online presence, the platform was now ready to attract more potential customers.

The Millionth Word was able to create a mix between the new and existing clients, by improving the audience targeting. With the help of SEO and web design, we were able to create an attractive, dynamic and fun website. Our team also focused on an improved mobile web optimization, since our client wanted to present their services through a professional application. Since hiring our experienced company, Zulutrade reports improved online traffic and increasing revenue. Our goal was to structure the website, changing the corporate identity that would fit the vision of the company and to increase the amount of clients.

We are very happy with Zulutrade as our long-term client. Futurewise, we will continue with taking care of the website, application, content and SEO of this online trading platform. We are looking forward to start working with similar clients that are operating in the online trading business. If you happen to run your own online trading platform and if you are interested in increasing your online audience, a partnership with our company would be the right opportunity for you. Our team of web designers, graphics designers and marketing specialists would be very happy to work with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to discuss all the possibilities, improvements and services that The Millionth Word has to offer!