Let us get your company out to the largest suitable audience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). First, what is SEO? It is a term that describes connecting your webpage with users of search engines. When a user wants to find your business, how will they connect with your specific business and how high up the results list will your company be?

How does it work?
Maximizing SEO is our responsibility and our expertise. But it’s important to understand what it means and how it works. First, it’s about visibility. Visibility means your site comes up based on search terms and is not among the paid ads. For users this means that they trust what they are finding and know you haven’t paid to be on top. Next, SEO is about traffic and awareness. This means that we know the technical aspects of SEO and can optimize your site for search engines to find you.

Why is it important?
Having a search engine locate your webpage is important because it brings you potential business. SEO isn’t all about the search engines, though, it is also about how users will interact with and view your page when they click through that link. The internet is a competitive place and we want to make sure your business is found by those who are looking for the goods and services you deliver. In part, search engines believe that sites with more traffic already are more valuable and continue to place those towards the top of the list. Being on the first page of a search is ideal and we can help you boost your visibility so you will get the clicks you need to remain at the top.

At its core, SEO is about connecting humans and machines by translating images and content into words that search engines can understand. You know what’s important and so do other people, but search engines don’t – they have to be taught! Knowing how those algorithms work to sort and rank content is a key part of what we do to ensure success.

Always changing
If there’s one thing that’s never changes, it’s that the web is always changing. It’s our job to know what’s changing in SEO and to ensure you don’t just land on top, but you are able to stay on top. We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry and will keep you up to date so your site and your business remain highly visible.

Is it all about the search engine? Of course it isn’t. While search engines play a key role in connecting users to businesses, it is ultimately about people. What are people looking for when they are looking for your business? From the keywords they will pick out to the types of questions they may be asking, we make it out business to understand your clients and potential clients. Understanding the human element is essential to success on the web.

Search engines are how people first find your business in many cases, but it’s also about what they see when they arrive on your page. We focus on more than just bringing people to your site, read more about our expertise in web design.