Search Engine Optimization is basically a connection between search engine users and websites on the internet. In order to get noticed by potential businesses, it is very important to have a search engine locate your website. Especially for small and growing companies it is very necessary to integrate a good running search engine optimization in to their website. Even though the web is always changing, there is no doubt that SEO will always be an essential asset to any kind of website. We at The Millionth Word can help your business grow by boosting your online visibility, make your website more valuable and optimizing your online presence. Together with our design team we can develop new websites and marketing tools that will also suit the vision of our clients. The Millionth Word is known for long-term collaborations with online casinos such as Kroon and Mr Green. This year, our goal is to improve the revenue and online traffic of a total different market: the online trading industry.

The online gambling and trading industries are quite similar. Both of the industries are operating online and both are based on making risky decisions. Our team always had an interest in the online trading business, so it wasn’t really a surprise for us to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. In order to keep our company growing, we wanted to expand our markets a little bit more. Even though we have worked with the biggest operators in the online gambling industry, the desire to work with other related industries was still there. Our first client this year, E Toro online, crossed our path in January. In that particular month, our team went to an online trading conference in Scotland in order to meet online trading professionals and experts. On the first day we met the team behind E Toro online, which is one of the biggest online trader on the internet. After a short meeting, they requested us to take a look at their current SEO strategies and online visibility. We reported our findings based on SEO and website navigation to their marketing team and started to collaborate immediately.

The Millionth Word is currently still working on the improvement and adjustment of the E Toro online website. Our team is working on the redesign of the website and new marketing strategy that will fit this new corporate identity. We handpicked a team with the skills to match this particular industry, which was very new to all of us. Now the team of different educational and cultural backgrounds are expanding their knowledge of the online trading industry during this interesting project. This means that we can soon start operating in this field and find more potential clients. Next month we will be attending an online trading conference in the city of London. Hopefully we can meet new clients in order to expand our company and expertises even more. If you happen to run your own online trading platform, or if you’re interested in our services, please find us at the conference in London next month!