Without a doubt, most people have heard of two of our largest clients, Kroon Casino and MrGreen. These two online casinos cannot thrive without a dynamic, always on, web presence. And we’re the company behind them who work tirelessly to ensure their success. We were able to take their business models and existing presence and transform it into what you see today.

First, our design team worked with the client to hear their vision and description of the most pressing needs. Through a series of listening sessions with different stakeholders our team was able to understand and formulate a plan. Next, our team got to work and reviewed all available data and created a plan. Relying on our expertise across industry The millionth Word team was quickly able to craft a set of solutions for each client to meet their needs and that suited their vision.

Kroon Casino came to us with a strong client base and wanted to grow and expand. We were able to take their foundation and create ways to connect with new and existing clients through SEO and web design. Our team improved the web presence by making the site more accessible to more users. We were able to offer expanded ways for clients to pay, for example, and proposed changes to the structure of the web design. In addition to the visible changes, we worked behind the scenes to ensure that the site would have improved up time and visibility through SEO. We continue to work to make Kroon Casino successful and profitable.

Similarly, we have worked with MrGreen to achieve their vision for business. Our team focused on improved mobile web optimization and SEO. Since hiring The millionth Word, MrGreen reports improved revenue and site traffic as well as expansion into mobile apps. We are proud of the role we have played in their improved success and continue to strategize and improve visibility for this growing company.