The millionth Word was founded in 2010 and has quickly made a name for itself locally and around the globe. Inspired by the millionth word, web 2.0, we are a next generation company. Our staff are diverse and dynamic, able to respond quickly to the changing demands and poised to keep your company out in front of any trends. We were founded in response to a need – Adair and Sulwen Blackwood met working for tech companies in the late 1990’s and instantly hit it off. They shared a vision and a passion for online marketing and eventually decided to not only marry, but to partner in business. These two founders worked tirelessly to recruit top talent from their native Scotland and from around the globe. Today the company that started with 5 employees boasts a team of 50 people and clients from over 150 countries.

From bottom to top The millionth Word is about quality, vision, and results. Our staff is comprised of a diverse group of women and men with backgrounds and skills that make us the best. By having staff with knowledge in marketing, web design, SEO, and much more, we are poised to deliver high quality results, quickly. Our team puts us ahead of the competition. Our founders and the leadership team provide the structure and governance to ensure the best results across industries. The rest of the team includes dedicated professionals with experience in top industries, and across the globe. When you partner with The millionth Word you are tapping into a team with the breadth and depth to get the job done and make you stand out from the rest.

The design team includes industry leaders with backgrounds in web design, graphic design, marketing and more. We hand pick a team with the skills to match each project and company. In addition to the design team, we have a technology team with expertise in SEO that can’t be topped. The tech team work behind the scenes to keep your page at the top of web searches. These women and men stay abreast of industry trends and changes so that you don’t need to worry about visibility. By having staff from around the world and with different educational and cultural backgrounds we can deliver results like no other. Study after study shows that if you want the best, you need a diverse staff. We seek out the best and the brightest from around the world and offer them a great place to build and grow their careers. Some of our talent comes from top universities, and others from the best design schools. We employ Harvard Business school alum as well as local talent from right here in Scotland.